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Medical Weight Loss

Custom treatment tailored to you, for your SUCCESS.



This FDA approved miracle drug is aiding in weight loss, average person loses 15% of their body fat in one year. Administered weekly through injection works by acting on specific receptors in the brain, leading to reduced appetite and increased feeling of fullness.Initial Consultation with Labs, Required.Monthly programs starting at $350/month.​(Requires 3 month commitment)

Prescription Drugs


Oral medication works to reduce your appetite, helping you to lose weight,  helping you stay healthy and energized. This coupled with lifestyle changes will help you reach your goals. Consultation required. Monthly programs starting at $99/month


Nutritional Plans

Getting back to the basics of weight loss, nutrition. A structured plan that focus on optimizing eating habits and dietary choices to promote a healthy and sustainable weight loss. Nutritional and exercise guidance included in the program. Consultation required Starting at $79/month

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